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Goosebumps. This is incredible. The messaging definitely "sells" to the mom in me. Wow!You are doing a phenomenal job! As someone who spent 17 years in education and as a mother of 3 -- I have never seen public school messaging like this in the state.

Barbara H . Iowa


Communication Strategy

So you're feeling stale or stuck and want to tell your brand story differently! Let's get after it. From a "refresh" of your social media presence to a longterm communication campaign, we've got you covered. 


Creative Throughline Design 

This is Akwi's speciality. She can harness the power of your current brand identity and develop a thorough strategy that aligns your brand across multiple platforms and over the course of a year (or more).



Keep your stakeholders in the know and inspired to keep giving. Akwi's research-based approach to fundraising combines an annual communication plan (mailings, appeals, and e-appeals) with powerful content to boost efficiency.


Creative Inititiatives

Maybe you're one of a small percent that's ready to think way outside the box with us! We're here for it -- and there with you. Let the fun begin!


Film + Photo

We're passionate about telling your visual story boldly. Creating compelling visual content in photo and video form and then strategically utilizing it across multiple platforms is where our creative partners Josh, Fred, and Lyrikal especially shine! 


Event Content

As an artist who has spent almost two decades in corporate arenas, Akwi's data-informed approach to event content and script writing boosts engagement, sparks inspiration, and leaves audiences wanting more.


Event Design

Whether it's an annual fundraiser or a one-off event, Akwi's psychology-informed strategies elevate an everyday 'event' to an unforgettable experience. Laughter, awe, inspiration, and motivation are the trademarks of our event design.


Social Media Strategy + Content

A team of one or a team of 10 can get surprising results with a few critical tweaks. Let's talk about content, platforms, and timing to boost your impact.

Akwi Nji.jpg

Akwi's professional background is in nonprofit leadership, public education, journalism, and strategic communications. She is a nationally award-winning communication strategist, with a focus on PK-12 education, in addition to an interdisciplinary artist maintaining a robust art practice.


Her professional expertise uniquely spans the corporate and creative world, positioning her as a sought-after motivational speaker and presenter on strategic and creative communications. She holds bachelor's degrees in English and Journalism & Mass Communication from the University of Iowa. 


Her work as a communications strategist is deeply integrated with and fueled by her research on the history of rhetoric as the transmission of emotion and thought through a system of symbols, including words, to influence the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors of others.

Below is a gallery of her most recent projects.

About our founder.

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