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We're the creative, results-driven solution to reimagine your brand and amplify your story across multiple platforms from social media to e-newsletters and annual events.

We offer creative branding solutions to advance your storytelling from simply pretty

to goal-smashing powerful.

Content Strategy  Writing Creative Throughline Design

 Film + Photo   Social Media

Event Design    Fundraising  Creative Initiatives Bond and Capital Campaigns

Many school districts, small businesses, and non-profits recognize the importance of harnessing the power of creative storytelling to amplify their identity and boost their brand. They just don't know how or they don't have the internal bandwidth. That's where we come in. And we're not only good at our job, we're passionate about seeing results.

Akwi Nji . Chief Strategist 

We design communication
campaigns and PR initiatives
that accelerate
 your results

and amplify your story to achieve your goals.

Perhaps you already recognize the importance of emotionally-charged storytelling in marketing strategy, but your creative capacity is compromised by the daily demands of putting out fires. We get it -- don't beat yourself up. You and your team literally can't do it all.

Or maybe you're thinking "what team?" because you're a solo act. And maybe you even understand the growing demands to utilize dynamic and outside-the-box approaches to your communications efforts, but there's already too much on your plate.

That's where Powerful Over Pretty comes in.


We're a boutique agency that specializes in customized communication plans and bold content to boost engagement; educate stakeholders on your new programs, products, and services; advance your brand story; and accelerate your success. Here's the thing: there's an art to designing brand-aligned creative content across platforms to consistently engage and grow your audience over an extended period of time. 


At Powerful Over Pretty, we advance brand storytelling from simply pretty to goal-smashing powerful. We work with your budget to harness the power of digital, traditional, and live media to turn valuable PR puzzle pieces into a strategically designed masterpiece that achieves your unique goals. With us, the guessing game is over.

Goosebumps. This is incredible. The messaging definitely "sells" to the mom in me. Wow!


You are doing a phenomenal job! As someone who spent 17 years in education and as a mother of 3 -- I have never seen public school messaging like this in the state.

Barbara H, IA

Your goal is our goal.

We work with companies and districts who are ready to "think different" and be different. Our goal is to cut through the static and create communications that reflect an organization's authentic culture, achievements, and goals.


With every project we design, our goal is to captivate your stakeholders, positively influence their perceptions of your school district or business, and ultimately transform behavior to support your goals. Whether it's increasing student achievement, strengthening recruitment and retention efforts, or celebrating your successes, your goals become our goals.


Let's get started.

329 10th Ave SE Ste 122

Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

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